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Anirudh Dhawan _ CV + Bio + Philosophy

March 28, 2013

Hello World!

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I am a recent 2012 M-Arch Post Professional Graduate from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. During my time here, I have been involved in much research and exploration in design computation, optimization, robotics, material research and fabrication/constructive techniques. Formal Substance is a collection of my experiences, conflicts, and struggles as I have been growing in my still young academic and professional career.

“Formal” is, by definition, the essence of a body in constitution  relating to an established procedure or set of specific behaviors.

“Substance” is that of which a thing consists; physical matter or material: form and substance. 

As I have been working, I have been realizing that this is the essence of how I operate. Design to me is a way of life. Each observation of the reality of a site shaped by its experiential contexts reveals a process of how that site came to be and in architectural understanding, perhaps what it wants to be. This site is an exploration in techniques involving this discipline. I am very interested in the practice of architecture and design. This is my passion, and without this and the help of many dear friends, instructors, and family; I would not be where I am today. For this I am truly grateful.

2012 ECAADE Poster Competition _ First Prize Award

June 11, 2012

Honorable mention award for Brooklyn Robotics Building

April 20, 2012




Jan 2012 – USC M-Arch P. P. Thesis Project – Automated Robotic Construction Systems in Bio-Hazardous Territories

February 20, 2012

AAC Summer 2011 _ Computation and Design Work in Shanghai CN

September 20, 2011

Summer 2011 – 3rd Prize ThinkSpace Ecological Borders Competition + “Best Student Design” Award in 2011 T-Splines Design Contest”

July 15, 2011

Special Thanks and Respect to Team Partner Jili Huang

Spring 2011 Lab M4 Studio Project – Paralyze + Parametric

April 22, 2011

Special Thanks and Respect to Team Partners Jili Huang and Lan Chen as well as instructors Francois Roche, Stefan Henrich, and Qi Su

Fall 2010 Lab M4 Studio with Francois Roche, Stefan Henrich, Kris Mun, and Qi Su

December 20, 2010


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